4 Apr 2011

Routes and Routine

For me, one of the best things about not having an assigned work schedule and having to go to the office is avoiding busy commuting routes, following everyone else's daily routine, and respecting my lack of natural rhythm.

I really enjoy driving. City driving included when it is not routine. I would prefer country highway 12 between Lacombe and Stettler any day, any time. (Think rolling hills, farmhouses, numerous winding sections, prairie valleys, open fields occasionally cut off from view by a few kilometres of trees. Motorcycle is best, but still great by car.) Off peak is tolerable in the city when it is not automatic. I would hope that most people do not eat the same thing every day at the exact same time. If so, whatever food would surely lose it's flavour and perceived value, not because it is unflavorful or unhealthy, but because it becomes a victim of absolute routine. Eating the same food at a different time every third day would make a dramatic difference to the mind. (Or God forbid that we allow ourselves to eat what our body wants or needs when it is hungry.)

I prefer early mornings (awake at 6:00) and early evenings (between 7:30 and 9:30). Afternoon is my least favourite. First thing in the morning, the grocery stock is fresh and not picked over, and the city's stink has not been let out of the seat cushion. Dogs are walked and people are quieter. I am thankfully sober, and my thinking is fresh. Evenings share similar qualities to early mornings.

There is nothing natural about my natural rhythm, which I find quite natural. I have long given up trying to force myself to be normal because it is not to me. I have always operated on  [naturally occurring] tremendous bursts of energy--when I will do something start to finish regardless of time--followed by absolute exhaustion, which can last for a day or two. The [naturally occurring] outbursts of energy are super productive and focused. Sometimes I do not sit down for days.

There is no schedule to rapid cycling, manic episodes, madness, or whatever diagnosis you want to give it. Two things greatly affect my productivity and happiness--The Crash and a routine that is not mostly my own.

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